Create a customizable shopping experience that would allow us to showcase product groupings based on seasonal trends and shoppers’ specific needs.

Unique challenges:

Specialty shops were needed for everything from wedding attire to athletic shoes to seasonal fragrances. Each shop would require different product organization and ways to shop.

Some shops would be based on the content of a catalog or mailer which were not designed with this purpose in mind. Creative solutions would be required to organize this content into a format that inspired and sold products easily online.


The templates created for our brand boutiques were utilized and in some cases, slightly modified, for our custom product shops.

Some of the shops we created with these templates:

Wedding Shop
Swim Shop
What’s New in Beauty
Seasonal Beauty (shown here)
Dress Shop
Bra Shop
Jeans Shop
Men’s Grooming Guide
Boot Shop
Sandal Shop
Athletic Shoe Shop
Comfort Shoe Shop
Seasonal Fragrances


Design Direction